Pragmatic 365 is a NON-PROFIT company dedicated to only 2 goals:

  1. To decrease the amount of time and money wasted on Transformation/Change efforts.

  2. To improve the working conditions of people who work within the Transformation domain.

Pragmatic 365 is committed to providing frameworks that benefit Companies and Government bodies on a global scale.

The Pragmatic ethos and culture, focuses on being pragmatic about everything we do. This ethos is evident and pervasive within Pragmatic's Frameworks.


The Transformation of Transformation


To provide Enterprises with Pragmatic frameworks.


2008 - PeaFv1
PEAF v1 was launched in November 2008 after many years of development. From a sea of EA noise and hype, PEAF “Cuts EA to the Bone” and provides a quick start toolkit necessary to setup and/or mature an Enterprise Architecture capability.

2010 - PEAFv2
Over time, it became apparent that people were having trouble understanding EA because they did not know where EA fitted into the wider picture.
For this reason, PEAF v2 was born where a lot more contextual guidance was added.

2013 - POETv1, PEAFv3
Over time, it became apparent that some things that PEAF contained, applied not only to the Enterprise Architecture domain but also to the wider Enterprise Transformation domain.
For this reason, POET v1 was created and the things in PEAF that applied to the whole Enterprise Transformation domain were moved into POET.

In addition, because POET now considered the wider Enterprise Transformation domain, there were new things that were added to POET.

PEAF v3 was then created by taking the things from PEAF v2 that were purely concerned with the Enterprise Architecture domain, adding more things, and restructuring the content to conform to the new structures that POET had created.

2021 - PEFFv2021, POETv2021, PEAF v2021
Over time, it became apparent that there were some parts of POET v1 that applied not only to the Transformation Domain of an Enterprise, but in fact to all parts of an Enterprise.

For this reason, PEFF v2021 was created, and the things in POET that applied to the whole Enterprise were moved into PEFF.

POET v2021 therefore became the remaining parts of POET v1 that were Transformation specific, but with a major reorganisation of the Adoption section and the expansion of MACE to MAGIC.

PEAF v2021 was mostly the same as PEAF v3, but with a major reorganisation of the Adoption section and the expansion of MACE to MAGIC.

The v2021 release also saw the harmonization of the versioning numbers and a change to the year of release.


It should be noted that none of this was pre-planned. PEFF, POET and PEAF have grown organically as time has passed. Had I tried to create PEFF POET and PEAF in 2008, I think I would have failed dismally.

A quote from Douglas Adams expresses it nicely:



I may not have gone

where I intended to go,


 but I think I have ended up

where I needed to be.


- Douglas Adams, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul



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