The Pragmatic Enterprise Architecture Framework

PEAF is NOT a silver bullet.

If you use PEAF, you have 90% chance of success. If you don't you have a 90% chance of failure.

PEAF is less complex than TOGAF with a Pragmatic level of complexity to make it usable.

TOGAF and PEAF do not compete. They are complementary to each other.

It is not a question of TOGAF or PEAF, but more a question of TOGAF and PEAF.

If you are struggling with TOGAF, PEAF can help you.

PEAF provides the 20% (fundamentals) that produce 80% of the benefit.

TOGAF provides the 80% (detail) that produces 20% of the benefit.

PEAF was built by EAs, for EAs, by observing why EA fails, and plugging those gaps


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