Where does v2021 fit in on the Pragmatic Timeline... Take a look

Agile has always been the approach for Pragmatic, and so this latest major release is a conglomeration of a lot of incremental releases over the last 6 years. The world doesn't stand still. Neither does Pragmatic.

Farewell Pragmatic EA. Hello Pragmatic 365... Take a look

Why the change of name? Pragmatic EA was born because of PEAF, but the scope of Pragmatic's frameworks are now much bigger than just the EA discipline, and so a more Pragmatic name that did not restrict it to EA was needed.

PEFF Released... Take a look

A new framework PEFF - the Pragmatic Enterprise Fundamentals Framework groups all the fundamentals that apply to both POET and PEAF in one place.

Updated Books... Take a look

All books have been updated with the new content including a new PEFF book

Certification Course Pragmatically Reduced From 4 Days to 3 Take a look

The 4 day Certification course has been reduced to 3 days with a simplification of the content being covered. Day 1: PF2&PEFF, Day 2: POET, Day 3: PEAF.

Become a Master! Take a look

Already Certified? Now you can become a master. Same content. 500 questions in 15 Exams!

New Tools... Take a look

A new tools section has been added. Initially containing links to the PTMC tools, but will grow as time goes by.

Contributors Properly Recognised... Take a look

People who have contributed to Pragmatic's frameworks are give pride of place. We are always open to suggestions for improvement, and when we do, we acknowledge people. What will you add?...

EMMA is Dead!

EMMA has been retired because it just grouped the 6 Phases into 3 higher level phases that didn't add much. In addition, it had Maturity at its centre which has been replace with the PTMC.

MACE Has Retired, But the MAGIC Lives On... Take a look

A new Guidance category was added to MACE and so the Environment of MACE was renamed Items.

No More Maturity Models... Take a look

The Maturity model has been superseded by the PTMC (which used to be called ETMC) and 3 new levels added.

Business Architecture Gets Put in its Place... Take a look

Business Architecture has been explicitly added.

Solution Architecture Gets Put in its (Pragmatic) Place... Take a look

Solution Architecture has been moved out of projects to stop architecture being compromised by Project Managers.

Initiating is Terminated... Take a look

The Initiating Phase has been renamed to Solutioning.

Totally Reworked Adoption... Take a look

The Adoption sections have been reworked to make them a lot more pragmatic. In addition, they have been moved to the beginning of the content.

Colours Are Too Far Out Man!... Take a look

If you find the colours are too distracting, you can now choose between monochrome, blue orange or full colour themes.

Downloads Updated... Take a look

All the content in the downloads has been refreshed.



Plus a myriad of other changes, left for you to discover....

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