Pragmatic Non-Commercial Licensing for Individuals and Enterprises

Individual Consultants, End-User Enterprises, Government Bodies and Academic Institutions who wish to use any of Pragmatic’s Ontologies, Frameworks or materials must possess a Non-Commercial License.

NOTE: Contractors who operate their own one-man-band companies and provide services through recruitment agencies to End-User Organisations and Government Bodies are considered to be Individual Contractors and therefore only require a Non-Commercial License, issued as part of their Personal Contractor account.

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Use of any intellectual property from Pragmatic EA Ltd

(including but not limited to PF2, POET and PEAF) is covered by a


Creative commons Attribution – Non Commercial – No Derivatives 4.0 license


In addition, Licensees agree to be contacted by Pragmatic EA periodically with updates.


The Pragmatic Non-Commercial license is automatically renewed annually.


There are no Licensing Fees for Non-Commercial Licenses, but if you find the Pragmatic Ontology's and Frameworks useful, you can support their development by making a donation.


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